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    Dial Type Temperature Indicators  
    Dial Type Temp. Indicators

    Mercury in Steel filled system temperature gauges in stem type and capillary type construction with 1% accuracy..from 65 to upto 200 m dial size, stem lengths upto 12 feet and capillary lengths upto 20 meters. Long capillary Thermometers with capillary compensation for better accuracy. Thermometers with electrical switching contacts for control purpose. For applications where inly indication is desired it is recommended to used dial type thermometers. These instruments contains hermetically sealed Mercury filled system.


  • Thermocouples  

    Various types of Thermocouples such as J, K, R, S, T & E in different type of construction. Industrial thermocouples for furnace, Kiln, Aluminum and Zinc Bath, Etc. Thermocouples suitable for temperatures upto 1450 Deg C. Sheath material SS 316, 310, Inconell 600. AISI 446, Re-crystalised Alumina Gr-610, 710. Kindly refer attached catalogue for details. Thermocouples are temperature sensors, which work on principles for flow of electron in closed circuit as described below. Whenever two dissimilar material are joined at ends....


  • Resistance Temp. Detectors  
    Resistance Temp. Detectors

    PT 100 RTD and Thermister Assembliesin various construction. Simpex, Duplex RTD with 3 wire/4 wire construction in weatherproof/flame proof head. Sheath material of SS 316.MgO packed sheath for flexible application. Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) are temperature sensors, which work on principles for resistance offered by metallic element and its variation based on temperature. Metals which provide predictable, stable and linear resistance gradient are generally used for this purpose. Many metals exhibit these properties.


  • Cable  

    Compensating cables, Extension Cables and instrumentation cables. Compensating cables with teflon/ fibreglass or PVC insulation as per ANSI/BS/DIN colour coding. cables with SS wire braiding, GI wire armouring.


  • Transmetter  

    The Mescon TH-11U is a low cost, non-isolated temperature transmitter designed to fit in a standard thermal head. A new design features a unique circuitry that enables the use of a single transmitter for the measurements of either Pt-100 RTD, Thermocouple input or mV. When set to Thermocouple mode, the TH-11U accepts all known Thermocouple types.


  • Accessories  

    Different type of sensor heads, Thermo wells, Ceramic and Alumina Protection Sheaths, Terminal Blocks.